swrs: The Studio

My passion is creating music in various styles and experimenting with sound. I would love to write for video games, film, creative projects, apps, etc. All such jobs are more than welcome. That being said, SWRS offers mixing and mastering.


Jon Smoil (certified sound engineer New England Institute of Art)

I use quality gear including UAD (Apollo Quad, 4-710, and plugins), Neumann, Royer, AT, Rode, Shure, Focal, Yamaha, Focusrite, Real Traps, and more. I work in both Pro Tools and Ableton.

I designed and built Sine Wave Recording Studio in Prospect, CT in 2012. I continued to operate it through 2015 with the help of fellow sound engineer, Voytek Trczinski, before relocating to Port St Lucie, FL. In that time we worked with artists including Chris McCarvill, BJ Zampa, and Jimi Bell (of Maxx Explosion), Mike Stark, David Allen Rivera, and Preston Murphy (jazz trio), Tass Kallianiotis (of The Never End), Dee Michaud Sawyer, Madecipha, Freeze, Sotorios (of Political Animals), ILL, and many more.