swrs: Testimonials and Extra Content

“I run an independent hip hop label called Spider Bite Records out of New Haven, CT where I have continuous projects going on. We were working with an engineer who quit on us mid project. Jon took over and I worked with him until he moved. He did an excellent job with all my projects. I will continue to have him mix tracks for me while he is out of state. He was always prompt with my deadlines, professional, and fun to work with.” -Ryan “Madecipha” Bond, Spider Bite Records

“I’m not that easily impressed, having heard it all as a fulltime songwriter, producer and musician for over 25 years, but Jon has demonstrated a knack for great song, production and engineering. This is really creative and thoughtful music, which is obviously written and produced by someone who cares enough about the art to go the extra mile to do it right! This is excellent stuff and I can’t wait to hear more!” -Pierce Campbell – CT State Troubadour ’07/’08, Twelfth Octave Music (regarding SWRS original music)

“There’s a lot of emotions put into it, but I feel as if the last track, “All Right,” really offers the most sadness of the whole thing. It’s a roller coaster ride through dwelt on emotions that I can’t stop listening to since I’ve heard the album.” -CTHIPHOP.NET (regarding SWRS original music)

“One of the best albums I’ve heard is a while” -Kryptik (CT hip hop artist regarding SWRS original music)

Video and images from the original Sine Wave Recording Studio in Prospect, CT.


swrs the never end

swrs buzz

swrs rap 1

swrs packed house