swrs: Studio Rates/Policy

Please pay with cash or check at the beginning or end of each session.

Studio rates are $25 per hour.

* After downsizing the studio I prefer to work mixing for people, though in some cases I will record and track clients.

* In the event that I am recording and tracking  for you (4 hour block minimum up to 8 hours for recording/tracking): You will not need to be there for all of the mixing sessions, only for the recording and tracking sessions. After all songs for a project have been tracked out and edited, I can give you an estimate on the mixing. If you need a quick mix along the way to check your performance, let me know during the session. I can adjust the raw levels right there and give you an mp3 of the song. I will not begin adding plugins yet in case you need to retake any parts. I would just have to remove them anyway. Once all of the songs for an album are recorded and you are happy with your total performance, I will begin the process of mixing.

*  Studio hours are 11-7. Contact me for availability. 

 * All customers are equally important to me, and all projects will be worked on in the order they were received. I will not take on too many projects at once because I do not like to spread myself thin.

contact sinewaveCT@yahoo.com for further details

wes dooley