swrs: Home Recording Classes


Recording classes are taught by Jonathan Smoil of Sine Wave Recording Studio (certified sound engineer @ New England Institute of Art). In these classes you will learn the essentials needed to become an effective home recording artist, as well as what gear will best suit your recording needs.

-What is sound? A basic explanation of what sound is, and how it behaves. Audio physics crash course.

-Recording in today’s digital world. What gear is used in today’s home studios (and pro studios), and what function does each piece serve. Computers, Interfaces, Pre Amps, Microphones, DAWs, Controllers, and additional software instruments and plugins.

-Choosing/Setting up your gear.┬áKnowing what to buy for your needs and budget, and how to get your interface, computer, and MIDI controllers “talking” to each other.

-Tracking in your DAW (Pro Tools, Garage Band, Ableton, Cubase, etc). The difference between audio tracks, MIDI tracks, and software instrument tracks. Routing, input/output, signal path. Setting preamps, aiming/choosing microphones.

-Programming MIDI. Learn how to write and edit notes into the “piano roll” and apply them to any instrument. Programming drums, bass, piano, keys, etc. Adjusting volumes, velocities, timing, placement, quantization, randomization, basic MIDI work flow, tempo/BPM. Learn to edit using keyboard shortcuts and save time.

-Mixing. The importance of panning and dynamic effects. What EQ and Compression are and how to use them. How to create sonic space using panning and dynamic effects in order to define each instrument in a mix. Different ways to organize a session’s tracks. How to use Aux tracks and bussing. Classic reverb and delay. Plugins.

-Mastering. An explanation of what mastering is and how to accomplish it using dynamic effects. Simple mastering chains for your DAW.