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Superior Gear/Certified Engineers…  Sine Wave Recording Studio has moved to Port St Lucie, Florida.

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I want to thank everyone who came through Sine Wave Recording Studio in Prospect, CT. I had a blast working with all you guys and gals over the past few years. My studio space in Florida is much smaller, so I won’t be running SWRS as a business any more, BUT I don’t think I’ll ever stop creating music. I look forward to continued work and collaborations with many of you guys over the internet. Expect more great things to come.

swrs packed house

9.9.15 Mike Stark’s Why Must I Go? album on CD Baby.

Click here for talent jazz guitarist Mike Stark’s baritone guitar album recorded at Sine Wave.
swrs stark kit

6.16.15 ILL drops “Globulous” video

Recorded and mixed at SWRS. Beat by Full Aim Production.

6.15.15 Getting ready for the move.

So the studio is moving to Port St Lucie, Florida in August. I’ll still be recording and mixing down there, and mixing sessions for guys in CT sent via the magic of the internet. I will also continue making tunes for both Pg. 256 and MIDI and Code, and posting them up on here and BandCamp. It may take a couple months for me to get the website fully switched over seeing as how busy these next couple months will be. Check back soon. There will be some cool stuff up.


Sine Wave Recording studio has been busy working on new material from UFO, Beyond Top Secret, Madecipha, and Mike Stark’s jazz trio. We’re also going to be releasing an EP from MIDI and Code and an instrumental EP from Pg. 256. Be sure to check out ILL‘s Mental ILLness album, and Michael Stark‘s Why I Must Go, which are now available all over. This fall the studio will be moving to Port St Lucie, Florida where we will continue to create and record music.

9.5.14 Tinfoil Hat -a Pg. 256 video

(6.20.14) The IGS One LA vid shot mostly at Sine Wave

2.5.14 -Sugar/The Freedom session photo

21014AChris McCarvill of Dokken/House of Lords/Maxx Explosion:

bass and vocals on this session

BJ Zampa of Dokken/House of Lords/Maxx Explosion:


Tass Kallianiotis of The Never End

rhythm and lead guitar

… performing along side songwriter Mark Bainer on 2 of his new tracks



We’re adding some new gear and making sure that everything is hooked up and in working order for an open house in January. We’re also doing carpet tile in the band room. Once we have the official date for the open house I’ll post it here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

charter oak wes dooley eveanna manley

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MIDI and Code “Antisocial Graces”

Pg. 256 “…and returned beyond recognition”

Pg. 256 “Taken in the late 30s”